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  1. Not caring… for the wrong reasons?

    Tentatively Titled: I can believe in the Writers all I want, but doesn’t change the fact that Executive Meddling CAN damage a brand.

    Alicorn Twilight. Oh Boy.

    My twitter exploded with the drama… it was akin to the Russians attacking an American F-14 during the Cold War.


    “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it”

    Now, Hasbro is in a difficult position, they’re probably trying to freshen up the brand a little bit, so they can sell more figures… nothing wrong with that from a business perspective. 

    However, it is interesting the way they went ahead and do it. 


    Conn, sonar! Crazy Ivan!”

    Financial reports of the several past quarters have revealed that despite Hasbro’s financial slumps (blame the economy in general), MLP has not only been their strongest franchise, but is the one that shown the best growth on average. 

    However, the reason why its such a big earner is because of its peripheral demographic, 18-35 adults, a demographic known for having the a lot disposable income.

    Of special notice, should be the male part of this demographic. This should be a surprise to no one. Heck, WeLoveFine serves as a nice social experiment to demonstrate this. Every new MLP shirt is first available to MEN, and only if its requested, then a women’s version of the shirt will be released. 

    I’m starting to digress a bit, so allow me to get back on track. I just hope Hasbro is aware of the potential consequences of such a drastic change, even if they claim the “personality” will remain the same.

    I also hope Hasbro is wise enough to pull the plug on the series or the Alicorn Twilight pet project if the backslash is enough.



    Now, I am on the older spectrum of the 18-35 demographic, I won’t deny that — and I had a sort of weird childhood… growing up watching Law and Order and Homicide: Life on the Street, which are great shows and that will help me illustrate my next point.

    Executive Meddling.

    Being a fan of long running shows, you’re bound to run into the show getting meddled with by the company that owns the IP. Some changes are good, some changes are bad.

    Law and Order had quite a share of Executive Meddling, but for the most part, the Executive Meddling actually benefited the show, at least in the earlier half of it. 

    The show was much better replacing Cerreta with Briscoe, replacing Robinette with Kincaid et al. 

    Homicide: Life on the Street had no such luck however. Replacing Russert with Ballard. Introducing Falsone, and other questionable casting changes.

    The interesting thing about Homicide is that Homicide had the better writers of the two shows. David Simon was a great writer. In fact, the show is based on a book he published, but NBC’s constant meddling made it harder and harder for Simon and his team to keep the show afloat and try to remain critically acclaimed as it was in the earlier seasons — until it was impossible to salvage the damage anymore and the show ended up being better by getting canceled.

    In fact, the first thing that came to my mind after finding out Alicorn Twilight was real was Homicide: Life on the Street — and I can believe in MA Larson and the others as much as I want, but at one point, Hasbro is gonna be the straw that broke the pony’s back. 

    That is the inevitable truth about it.

    Reason why I don’t care

    Now, you guys are probably wondering why I made this sort of essay considering its titled I don’t care… It’s actually pretty simple…

    Twilight never grew up on me as a character. For being the main character of the show, I never really liked her. I am more interested on finding what other characters are up to, specially Rarity (I won’t deny being biased), but Twilight just never clicked with me… as weird as it sounds.

    This is why I don’t care about Alicorn Twilight, and why I said it’s because of the wrong reasons.

    I didn’t really like her before this, and this change, all it does, is that it will make it even harder for me to like her. 

    I could end up eating my hat, under the right circumstances… but Executive Meddling left me a jaded and cynical person in the past with Homicide: Life on the Streets… and is doing it again for a show about pastel colored ponies… 

    Zackfig — AKA Retired Pyramid Head